10 January 2013

2013 - Year of the Black Snake

In Chinese astrology, this new calendar year, 2013, is the Year of the Black Snake.  The following has been taken a newsletter recently sent out by Radiant Living and written by Michelle Proctor.  Please visit her web site to read the article in its entirety.

2013 - The Year of the Black Snake
© Michelle Proctor

The snake is a perfect emblem for the powerful spellbinding energies that the number 13 evokes.  In Western astrology, the snake is associated with Scorpio and there’s no doubt this year is a big Scorpio year.  Saturn and the North Node are both in Scorpio throughout 2013, and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is as prominent as last year in its life-changing alignment with Uranus.

Speaking of life-changing alignments, how did you fare with the ‘new energies’ throughout November and December? Not only was there the 21 December 2012 alignment, but preceding that were November’s solar and lunar eclipses, plus 11.11 and 12.12. Being a ‘sensitive’, I certainly felt the influx of energies. Sometimes incredible, other times overwhelming, I found nature, exercise, deep relaxation and meditation to be vital for grounding.

On the surface things seem the same, yet perhaps the new energies are like the snake, an animal that often camouflages itself until the right moment to become visible. The number 13, Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto hold similar themes of mystery and secrets, watching and waiting for the right time.

In a strongly Scorpio year we cannot take it for granted that just because something is out of sight, it’s out of the picture. Scorpio connects us to feelings of deep intensity, powerful longings, cravings for soul mates and needing to know the truth. It also connects us to transformative love experiences, creative rewards, achievement breakthroughs and openings into life’s mysteries.

Scorpio is a zodiac sign that puts the soul first and often pushes against social rules or the expectations of others. The soul tends to communicate symbolically, not literally. Yet in modern times, we have lost our natural dialogue with the soul and often misinterpret our desires. For example we might feel despair over a past love now lost to us, but is that where the emotion ends? Once it’s explored to its core, the feeling might turn out to be grief over not having pursued a love affair with our personal life direction, which calls from the heart of our essence.

This year, Saturn in Scorpio says ‘It’s not too late! No matter how old, stuck, sick, committed to work contracts or duties to others you are, start connecting with your desire now’. Saturn encourages persistent commitment bit by bit toward a goal. Saturn says ‘Take time each day to dream your dreams and once you are clearer on your dreams, take time each day to follow your dreams’. It’s a bit like a dietician saying ‘you must now include a fresh vegetable juice in your diet every day for at least a year’.

If people tell you that you can’t take 15 minutes a day to get to know your dream, remember it’s the year of the snake so eyeball them and just do it anyway! Be the snake, bide your time and conserve your energy. Eventually an opportunity will appear and you will be ready for this power moment; your chance to ‘strike’ like the snake. The potential for radical breakthroughs is great this year, no matter how impossible it seems during periods of weak energy or very low resources.

Wherever the bite comes from, it will be showing you something about yourself, most likely something hidden. If it’s too painful to face, or tied up with an old trauma or dynamic you haven’t recovered from, find very trusted loved ones or therapists to help you work it through until you can embrace the life-fulfilling version of the truth beneath the bite.

Be careful this year before leaping into passions that might break up your world because the object of your desire might be your soul saying ‘go this way to start your journey’, rather than saying it’s the final destination. Until you have fully explored the new road you are travelling on, it’s worth being cautious.

The Scorpio part in us all struggles with truth, either outing it or hiding it. Yet hiding it is less of an option this year as there’s so much cosmic pressure from Saturn, Pluto, the Nodes and the snake to bring what’s hidden to the surface. The cultural norm is generally to please others, but the snake does not do that. It’s an independent creature, not tied to its mate or raising its young. Scorpio provokes us to be truthful about our independent needs. If you're not sure what your personal core needs are, you wouldn't be alone. Often we need to dig deep to get in touch with them.

On the world stage, the fake smiles and false words of some leaders will look exactly as they are – fake and false – whereas previously we may not have been able to see this. This happens in our personal lives too. It really is a ‘no bullshit’ year.

In January and February life could bring a ‘crunch’ situation that propels the journey into truth. For example, if you have become ill, you might need to commit time to researching and pushing through obstacles to get to what’s at the bottom of the illness so that you find the right healing remedies.

If you don’t sail through obstacles in these early months of the year, don’t despair. Many snakes shed their skin several times a year, some every few weeks, so there will be plenty of chances for transformation. Snakes apparently get very crotchety in the moulting process, as do us humans as we go through the depths of personal transformation. So if you or someone in your life withdraws into sullen snappy sulks, they might need space to slough off an old layer and let evolution through. Saturn in Scorpio goes Retro on 19 Feb and might intensify the desire to retreat, even hibernate.

The first New Moon for the year is on 12 January in Capricorn. Saturn in Scorpio rules this New Moon encouraging us to address our most critical needs and prioritise them. This involves confronting fears, blocks and excuses, planning a course of action, strengthening discipline and resilience, then taking practical steps toward fulfilling important goals.

The first Full Moon for the year is on 27 January in Leo. This Full Moon makes a positive alignment to Uranus, showing the potential for fun and breakthroughs. Full Moons bring natural energy bursts and the planet Uranus has a similar effect. The zodiac sign Leo is about putting your creative fire into something you’re passionate about or simply, yet importantly, creating a sparkling atmosphere and good times.

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