27 December 2012

Encountering the Dark Goddess in 2013

With the new calendar year just around the corner, work is currently underway with respect to the Encountering the Dark Goddess workshop that will be taking part on Saturday, 4 May 2012.

During this interactive workshop, five aspects of the "Dark Goddess" will be introduced and worked with through myth, chanting, meditations and craft. 

Each year different Goddesses are chosen and for 2013, they will include:

Hel: the Norse Goddess of the Underworld whose job it is to determine the fate of the souls that enter her domain;
Kali-Ma: the Hindu "dark" Mother, She who is most feared as well as most revered, who symbolises dissolution and destruction;
Tiamat: the ancient Mesopotamian Creatrix of the world and the primordial Goddess of the ocean;
Oya: African Goddess of storms and winds, the creatrix of hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as the guard of the Yoruba Underworld; and
Hekate: Thracian (pre-Greek) Goddess of the Crossroads, magick, and necromancy.

This interactive workshop provides participants with the necessary tools in order to meet and work withe various Dark Goddess.  It is through the use of ritual, myth and magick that we journey into the hidden depth in order to face our shadows, allowing us to open ourselves up and be transformed under the protective guidence of the Dark Goddess.

There are limited positions and as the workshop does fill up very quickly, you will need to ensure your completed registration form includes your payment.

More details including the registration form will be made available shortly from this page

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