15 November 2012

Yes, You Shall Go To The Ball ...

"That time of the year" is fast approaching, being just over five weeks away.  Whilst the proposed festivities hold little relevance to me personally, what it does mean is that I will soon be faced with a couple of weeks with no income until the new calendar year rolls around and life returns to normal again.  Little wonder then, when I heard that an exhibition showcasing the art of the late Lynne Sinclair Wood being organised for the Summer Solstice in Sydney, I felt torn.

"Past and Future" by Lynne Sinclair Wood
Lynne had played an important part in my own spiritual development  and her sad passing in January 2011 is still felt.  Naturally then, I wanted to attend.  Realistically, however, the funds simply did not appear to be there.  I could not justify spending the cost of the airfare to the logical part of myself who was already starting to stress about covering the "lean" time.

I have always been a believer of synchronicity in that if I was meant to go to something, then by some means, I will get there.  And once again the Universe came to my aid via one of my dearest friends (who I originally met on Lynne's first tour to Britain over 20 years ago).

So it is with much gratitude that I offer up a heartfelt "thank you" to be given the opportunity to partake in something that was appearing to be beyond my means.

Callanish Bones by Lynne Sinclair Wood
If you are in Sydney during the time of the exhibition at the Royal Botanical Garden's Palm House, I hope that you are able to spend some time to visit this exhibition.

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