08 October 2012

Another Big Year Ahead

As we enter the second week of October, this year feels like it is really speeding up.  With Dancing the Sacred Wheel poised to be going to the printers this week, I was hoping to take a break.  However, I am already being approached from people wanting to know when the Temple of the Dark Moon will be offering external training.

After much deliberation, and in light of an increasing amount of misinformation circulating, I thought that an Introduction to Traditional Wicca is needed, so on Saturday, 1 December 2012 this workshop into traditional Wicca will be held.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to dispell a lot of the assumptions surrounding Wicca including:

- that it is for women only,
- that the Goddess is worshipped higher than or even instead of the God,
- that the rituals are only celebratory and that there is no magick involved,
- that it is all about "love and light" and not embracing the "darkness" (ie, the shadowself)
- that the Wiccan Rede "instructs and binds" its followers to not being able to harm anyone. 

Over the coming weeks, more details of this workshop will evolve however it will include:

- an outline of what Gardner's and later Alex Sanders's vision of Wicca involved,
- an explanation of some of the central mythos,
- the magickal and spiritual influences that are still followed today,
- the evoluation for the Southern Hemisphere,
and much more.

More information about this workshop can be found here with more follow-on workshops to be held in 2013.

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