06 September 2012

September is Prostate Awareness Month

We are all familiar with the ongoing appeals for Breast Cancer research and the wonderful work that has been done in helping to save women's lives as well as supporting their families.  However, how many of us are aware that every year more Australian men actually die from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer?

People tend to go to great lengths not to mention prostate cancer, a disease that  is killing close to 3,300 Australian men every year.  Why is this?  Is it our "Aussie Bloke" is some kind of superhero who is to resistant to any kind of health issue?
To me a superhero is someone who looks after his own health as by doing that he is able to look after others.  If in a position of influence (or hero-worship), he is able to use this influence to bring about public awareness of issues such as prostate cancer awareness (as well as mental health etc).

With arround 20,000 new cases being diagnosed in Australia every year and 32 of our menfolk each day learning that they have prostate cancer, more needs to be done.

These days early detection can be achieved with PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test or DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) testing - yet only a small percentage of men each year between 50 and 70 years undertake these tests.

Us women need to encourage our menfolk that real superheroes look after their health and once over 40, they need to undergo regular check ups - just as we do with our pap smears. In particular, we need to round up our men of the land, our farmers, and ensure that they get check out as they are more prone to prostate cancer.

An informative site that I have come acrosss is the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

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