27 September 2012

Seeing the Positive in the Negative

Life can often be very much like a roller coaster, with peaks and lows, and all you can do is hold on tight and navigate the bends the best that you can.  For the most part, I consider myself to be rather blessed, being surrounded with loving friends and family who support me in my endeavours, and being able to seize upon many of the opportunities that come my way.  When I find myself challenged, I have learnt not to see this as a "negative" - instead it is a further opportunity encourging me to strive harder or providing a much needed chance to re-evaluate things.

Every now and then however, disappointment encroaches into my "sunny" life ... like it has currently.

While I am attempting not to dwell too much on this disappointment, especially as its cause is actually the result of numerous reasons and therefore out of my hands, it is still there.

Here we are at the end of September, and I had hoped that my manuscript would have been at the printers by now, and even that I would have had a proof copy to show people what eight years of work has produced.  But no - the proofing of the manuscript is still not completed, and the layout is still not to my directions.  This is despite assurances a number of weeks ago that things were on track.

This final stage of preparing the manuscript for printing has been a steep learning curve for me, not to mention being so reliant on other people.

I know that all those wonderful people who have pre-ordered copies of my book will understand that delays can occur ... and that they will be receiving their copies as soon as they are printed.

And really, if this is the only major "challenge" I have in my life at the moment, then I am indeed truly blessed.  Such delays are only a much needed lesson in "patience" ... and a reminder to breathe ... for things will occur when they are meant to occur.

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