22 September 2012

Contemplation at the Spring Equinox

Flowers around the Covenstead
At the moment the tilt of the earth will be such that it will be inclined neither away from nor towards the sun, allowing for the centre of the sun to be aligned with the earth's equator.  This is the time of the equinox, a word derived from the Latin aequus ("equal") and nox ("night").  Therefore, at this time of the year, day and night have approximately equal length.

For those residing north of the equator, this will mark the time of the Autumn Equinox and the increasing darkness as the earth tilts away from the sun. 
Jasmine in Flower

 For those us of residing south of the equator however, it will be the time of the Spring Equinox.  And after what seemed to be a rather long Winter here in Adelaide, the thought of finally experiencing some sunshine is very much welcomed.
Over the last few weeks the garden has finally burst into flower (all except the jonquils around the sacred circle who apparently have decided not to delight us with their gorgeous flower).  But never mind, they would only have to compete with the delicate scent of wisteria and jasmine that fill the backyard.

Figs are Fruiting

Down the back the peach tree is in full blossom with leaves appearing and also ready the first figs can be found.  And I have been blessed with self-seeding lettuce (note to self, to actually eat some this time).

All I need to do is to stop the neighbour slugs and snails from making a bee-line to the corn seedlings that were only planted last weekend, and I can relax and smell some of the wonderful roses that are also coming into flower.

Not bad for a "P" plater gardener, I must say.

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