15 August 2012

Counting One's Blessings

About four or five months ago it was brought to my attention that someone I knew (albeit not very well) had been diagonised with an aggressive form of cancer. Since that time surgery was undertaken as well as a whole range of tests were done.  Results from a full body scan last month revealed "spots" on the kidneys - which required more tests, x-rays and further scans.
When they were first diagnosed, this person gave me permission to do whatever I felt needed to help assist them in their "journey" (their choice of words).  So during this time, I have been burning my candles, in particular my Brighid healing candle, as well as passing a candle onto them with instructions of its use.

Today news was received that the treatment was progressing extremely well, the "spots" were nothing to be worried about, and that they will be finally returning to work by the end of the month.

This is certainly fantastic news, especially in light of how quickly some forms of cancer can spread. 

Their openness to what I do allowed me to send energy their way without it being intrusive.  If, in small way, this contributed towards their recovery, then it has been certainly been an honour on my part.

Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky.  So when the suggestion of  "payment" arose, I suggested a donation to an appropriate charity, for as far as I am concerned, their news was enough for me.

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