16 August 2012

Book Update

So much has happened over the last fortnight, that I am only now starting to catch up on things.

Having spend a weekend in Melbourne (as we viewed the Wonders of Mesopotamia exhibition that is showing at the Melbourne Museum until early October 2012 (which is highly recommended), I then gave a presentation on ritual drama at the Pagans in the Pizzabar gathering the night after we returned.  That followed, the ritual that I had been working on for the last few months, which was based around a lesser known Mesopotamian Deity, was undertaken by the Temple of the Dark Moon's Inner Court.

Final preparations also had to be made as last weekend the Temple undertook our annual Hekate Supper ritual that was attended by both the Inner and Outer Court members.

While all the above was happening, I have also steadily working on the final amendments to the complete manuscript of my book which was sent off to the proofreader last Sunday.  I am expecting to hear back from her within the next week and with any luck, we will shortly start working on the interior design of the book.

Despite a few communication hiccups, the proofreader is still confident that the manscript should be reading for printing within a month.  With that in mind, today I sent off my application for the barcode and ISBN.

Once the number of pages is known, the cover designer can finalise that and I will be able to get a quote as to the actual cost of the book.  So, to all those people who have been enquiring about when pre-orders will start to be taken ... at this stage, it looks like early September 2012.

After some eight years, I cannot believe that within a matter of months my first book with be available.  How exciting.

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