24 August 2012

Book Pre-Orders Almost Ready

I received a sample of the first three pages back from the person who is undertaking the layout and interior design of my book and I have to say that I am becoming increasingly excited watching the A4 pages of text be transformed into something that will shortly become a book.

It has taken about eight years to write, however the end is now in sight.  Pre-orders for Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats will be taken from 1 September 2012 (if not sooner), with the published date expected later that month or early October 2013.

More about the book can be found here. However, some details are (still estimated at this stage, but should be able to confirm within the next 14 days):

Paperback: Est. 271 pages
Publisher: TDM Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-646-58575-8

Book Size: 134 x 200mm (5.3in x 8in)

I have been crunching numbers with respect to postage costs and to date, pre-order costs (based on single book orders) will be:
Australia (book and postage) $30.00 AUD
New Zealand (book and postage) $36.00 AUD
Rest of the World (book and postage) $42.00 AUD

This is a special rate that will end 1 October 2012.

Payment via Paypal in Australian dollars only. Order form will be uploaded onto the Temple of the Dark Moon's web site shortly.

Please contact me (the author) for multiple orders, trade enquiries or any further information.

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  1. Pre-orders are now being taken via Paypal - http://www.templedarkmoon.com/sabbatbook.html