02 July 2012

Too Early for Spring?

Mid Winter has just gone - and in fact the Temple only had our mid Winter magickal retreat the other weekend where the Horn'd God rode out amongst the mist - yet my garden seems to be bursting into colour with the gorgeous purple of the Dutch irises, being set off against the carpet of snow white alyssiums, with the odd early snapdragon showing its face. 

Around the sacred circle, the two Angel Trumpet plants are in flower again, however the jonquils have yet to burst into life, unlike those bordering a garden I pass when I walk down to my local shops.

Spring Jonquils
What I noticed during the Temple's mid Winter retreat was that despite being in the forest where fungi was abound, there were also Spring flowers despite the recent cold snap we have experienced.

For the last few days, what seems to be a considerable amount of rain has also fallen.  This is wonderful news for the garden (including the weeds that seem to be ruling), however it has meant a delay in the demolition and removal of the old water tank ... but that is okay, its removal is not urgent.

With Spring around the corner, I am starting to consider what things we need to finalise for the end of the year - both the Temple's Inner Court and Outer Court - in readiness of the new calendar year.

Bone Mother of Winter
With there still being a number of public Full Moons to be held, not to mention the recommencement of devotional services at The Goddess House that will take place this month, there is still a considerable amount of activity happening at the covenstead. 

All the while, behind the screens, my first book is slowly yet steadily taking form, with a proposed Spring Equinox release date still on the cards.  And as I await for the proof reader to get back to me, I have already started on the manuscript for my second book, with the proposed release date for early next year.

With all this energy, the first hints of Spring certainly can be felt ...

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