23 July 2012

Inching Ever Closer

What a busy week has been.  Last Monday I received not three, but six chapters, of my proposed book back from the proofreader, along with a synposis ...  so I have been busily working through that and finally sent off the first round of amendments late last night.  Once these chapters have been finalised, there will be just the last two chapters plus the appendices to go ...

After that, the next stage will be readying the manuscript so that it is the right size for printing, and finalising the index.  Once this is done, then I will have a better idea of how many pages there will be to so that the cover designer can complete the spine.  Once the number of pages is known, I will be in a better position to work out how much each copy of the book will cost and start taking pre-orders.

So much work is involved in getting a manuscript ready for printing, I now know why people enlist agents to do this on their behalf.  However, despite how time consuming this part of the process is, reading back over the nearly completed manuscript, I am getting rather excited to finally see it in actuality.

One thing  I need to stop doing however is adding to it, or worse, contemplate changing sections around based on a comment someone else has made.  I do have a limit as to how much I can personally write about and to be confident in that writing.

So to all those people who are itching to get their hands on my first book, the release date is inching ever closer.

And as I wait for the proofreader to return these chapters, I have started working on the manuscript for my second book ...

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