25 June 2012

Mid Winter with the Wild Hunt

Yule Log (by Cathy)
With clouds hanging low in the sky, gently gracing the hills of Mt Crawford forest, teasing us with a peak every now and then of what was beyond the misty veils of the Bone Mother, we could not have asked for a more perfect scene setting for this year's Wild Hunt Mid Winter magickal retreat, where we ventured between the worlds.

A brief overview of the Wild Hunt as it appeared with the various mythologies was given, followed by lunch and presentations of two Gods associated who were also associated with this time of the year.  As the mists briefly departed, we were enticed to wander through the forest, which allowed me to indulge in my fascination with fungi as more interesting specimens were discovered.

Forest Fungi
Back at the homestead we gathered around the table to create "Wytches Bottles" to protect our homes, dodge flying objects,  sip mulled wine as we wrote our desires for the coming year that would be burnt with the Yule log, before making ourselves ready to join the Horn'd God on his yearly Wild Hunt journey.

Around the sacred cauldron of the eternal Goddess we eventually found ourselves, and as we witnessed the Horn'd God move through his various transformations, reminding us of the sacred Wheel of the Year that we too are very much a part of, the Solar King, the Child of Promise, the Unconquered Sun, was finally welcomed back.

Winter Mist and Spring Flowers (by Emma)
With some what reluctance, the chanting around the cauldron came to an end before we met again around the table and celebrated the Winter Solstice with an abundant feast.  The festivities continued long into the night and it was with delight that when we woke the next morning, we were still between the worlds until it was time to depart ...

As the clouds broke, the Sun God announced his return before the Bone Mother reminded us once again that her time was not yet done.

Some photos taken over the weekend can be found here.

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