03 June 2012

Hearing the Call of the Wild

Honouring the Horn'd God
In only three week's time the Temple's Wild Hunt magickal retreat will be happening and I am getting rather excited.  This is the third (maybe fourth) time we will be undertaking this particular themed ritual and each year, it gets better and better.

The ritual has been written and the Temple's Inner Court members are in the process of learning our lines, as well as finalising ritual costumes.  The weekend menu has been planned, that includes lunch, a two course scrumptious post-ritual feast, and hearty breakfast the following morning.  What I love about the food we offer is that it largely lovingly prepared by the  Inner Court members.  The menu is always filled with delicious homemade baking - from scones, muffins and quiches for lunch through to fresh salads, roasts and dessert.  And there is never the fear of anyone going hungry during a Temple of the Dark Moon magickal retreat.

Even the majority of the craft items already having been sourced for the making of personal talismanic items that each participant will craft and to take away with them.

The Sun King is Born
As I tick things off my list, even the ingredients for the mulled wine are being organised .. and I feel rather relaxed despite the magickal retreat being fully booked, even exceeding the original number of attendees we were going to accept.

Everything is wonderful and as the turning of the sacred Wheel, moves us into the darker part of the year, much joy can be found within the silence.

The Temple will not be holding any public magickal retreats throughout 2013 due to various coven commitments, so if you are wanting to attend one of our magickal retreats, Bealtaine 2012 (3-4 November) will be the last public event until 2014.

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