12 June 2012

Balancing Priorities

A long weekend has come and gone, resulting in feelings of it simply not being long enough.  Then again, yes, I did manage to achieve all that I had set out to do.

The masks for the Temple of the Dark Moon's upcoming mid Winter magickal retreat have been finished, and the sacred anointing oil is now brewing.  There is certainly an air of excitement about this year's retreat, as if the recent cold snap we have been having of late, it has awoken some sleeping primal force that will be waiting for our arrival.

Progress has slowly been made with respect to spirit/totem masks that the Inner Court commenced last year.  These are now morphing to a stage where they will soon be decorated once a specific journey has been undertaken to ascertain their use.

Time was also found to relieve weeds from their various residences where they had been choing my irises, which, to my delight (and somewhat bewilderment), revealed a number of spikes had been developing for a Winter display of these supposed Spring flowers.

I also was able to finalise notes for the first devotional service to be held at The Goddess House this year, as well as working on the formats for two presentations that I will be giving later in the year are well underway, before getting sidetracked with a near finalised draft copy of the first three chapters of my book from the proofreader.  There are a few final comments that I am working through but it is only a matter of time before we progress onto the next three chapters.

Whilst my path is an integral part of who I am, and therefore a large percentage of what I do in my "free" time is connected in some way with it, I need to also ensure that other aspects of my life are given attention.  Being able to cook my beloved a meal (thanks to my slow cooker) or spending quality times with friends is equally as important to me, even if at times I struggle to balance all these things in my life.  However, over this recent long weekend, I was even able to achieve this.

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