10 May 2012

Sometimes You Need to Move On

Recently I received a rather cryptic email request for assistance which was shortly followed up by an even more cryptic phone call.  Upon further investigation, it arose that a relationship had broken down to the stage where divorce papers were received and one party moving interstate. 

The "querent" wish for some form of magickal intervention to rejoin the relationship and whilst other traditions had been investigated, their desired outcome had not yet been obtained.

Without knowing any more details than the above, (not to mention based (on my experience from working within the area of Family Law within South Australia), I advised that it would be best for the querent to realise that as papers had been served, the other party (for whatever reason) was not interested in continuing with the relationship.  And whilst this was apparently unfortunate that it was not a mutual decision, it would be best to move on in order to attract a  new relationship.  After all, to obtain a divorce within Australia is not something that is usually quickly achieved - as under Australian law, a couple needs to have "lived separately and apart for at least 12 months, and there is no reasonable likelihood of resuming married life".

I also advised that without knowing more details to the reasons behind the relationship breakdown (and the other party's subsequent move interstate), I was not prepared to "enforce" or "entrap" any one into what is apparent a doomed relationship.

Such a response was not well received to say the least. 

Regardless, as a magickal practitioner and HPs, I have a set of ethics that I am bound to (not to mention my own personal ones), and I am not prepared to create a situation which could potentially endanger a person(s) regardless of how much the querent is prepared to pay.  In light that the querent had already approached practitioners from other magickal traditions prior to contacting me, further raised alarm bells that possibly this was a relationship that would be best to dissolved for all parties concerned.

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