17 May 2012

Sharing the Warm Fuzzies

I woke this morning feeling rather warm and fuzzy - not a bad thing to do on a slightly chilly morning.  Despite recent hurdles (both personal and professional), and what appears to be an extremely busy year (both with the Temple events as well as my own personal commitments), things are all coming together rather nicely.

Bookings for the Mid Winter Wild Hunt magickal retreat are already coming in (with there now only three non-Temple positions available), with the ritual finalised, materials for the craft ordered, and menu being discussed.

Progress on my book is stemming ahead with permissions being generously received from those whose own work I have used (as well as additional support and advice) and the first lot of comments due back next week from the proofreader.

I am a number of months ahead with my article submissions for Insight, and have also commenced work on presentations that I will be giving in August (“Ritual Drama” at Pagans in the Pizza Bar) and October (“Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses” at the RosePetal Temple).

Even interest in the resumption of the devotional services to be held at The Goddess House has been overwhelming as I did not think I would actually have time to resume these this year.

I also woke with the realisation that whilst people may not always provide me with the response in the manner or timeframe I would like (typical impatient Aries), when the response is received, it often exceeds initial expectations.

As an expression of my gratitude, I say “THANK YOU” to all those special people in my life as I feel extremely blessed for you allowing me (and my Aries ways) in your own.

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