07 May 2012

Recharging the Batteries

Why does the smoke from a campfire seem to permeate everything - clothing, bedding, and even items locked away in the car that was parked some 10 or so metres from the camp site?

The Temple's Inner and Outer Court members undertook a spot of camping over the weekend where only a thin piece of canvas separated us from all that went bump in the night.  Normally our weekend retreats are quite luxurious as we hire out various farmhouses so this time, it was really getting back to nature.
Heading south of Adelaide to the beautiful Deep Creek Conservation Park, we were able to find a spot amongst the stringybark trees and yacca bush forest as half of Adelaide seemed to have decided to go camping this weekend, which was a bit surprising.

Stringybark Forest
Tents were pitched, swags and sleep bags rolled out, and with the billy can over the open fire, it was time to relax.  Blue wrens, kookaburras, kangaroos were all spotted.  In true Temple fashion, enough food had been brought to last a week - however, it must have been the bush air or the spot of bush exploration we undertook as a sizeable dent in the evening feast was made.

Having already undertaken our Samhain observances during the week at the covenstead, this camping expedition was primarily a well deserved break and recharging of the batteries, not to mention a perfect opportunity for both Court members to get to know each other better. 

Despite the weather being overcast, with the full moon barely able to be seen peeking through the cloud cover, it was surprisingly warm for this time of the year.

It is hard to believe that we are into the fifth month of the curent calendar year already, and it has been a busy first part of the year for the Temple.  The second part of the year also appears to be just as busy with our annual Wild Hunt retreat coming up next month during Mid Winter, as well as other events planned between now and end of the year  (which can be found on the Temple's web page).  So, the chance to get away and to get back into nature in order to recharge the batteries was most welcomed.

Even those who had never camped before, enjoyed the experience so no doubt, there will be more overnight camping adventures planned over the coming months.

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