11 May 2012

End of the Week updates

Friday has finally arrived in a week that seemed to go on forever, especially workwise, with a whole range of occurances having taken placed. 

It commenced with the notification of a work colleague being diagnosed with aggressive thyroid cancer.  After a week of burning candles that have been lit from Brighid's Sacred Flame in Ireland (as well as an assortment of prayers and well wishes), a positive outcome appears to have been achieved - however, results won't be confirmed until the pathology results are received next week.

On top of that, work has stepped up a couple of notches with some nine meetings crammed into one week which I am slowly getting on top of  - I know I should not complain considering the last couple of weeks have been so quiet that I am well ahead with my article writing for Insight magazine.

Covenwise, final details are being made for the upcoming Dark Goddess workshop this month, and registrations are being received for the annual Mid Winter Magickal Retreat which will be taking place over the weekend of 23 and 24 June 2012.  I also believe that I can still smell camp fire from our camping expedition last weekend, despite what seemed to be endless loads of washing!!

June marks the "official" return to the Botanic Park of the 2012 Full Moon Gathering, with the date being 4 June 2012.   This is despite there already being the annual "Yemaya Blessing of the Waters" in January that took place at Grange Beach, and an im promptu Gathering over Easter weekend in the Park.  The Gatherings will run until October this year and are open to the public, with children also being invited.

Over at The Goddess House, devotional services will commenced again from July onwards with the inclusion of the Divine Masculine which also means that these services will now be open to menfolk as well.  This change in direction is every exicting to say the least, and I am looking forward to experiencing what changes in energy will occur with the inclusion of men into devotional services.

On a personal front, the first three chapters of my book will very shortly be heading off to the proofreader - we are talking about only a matter of days now ... which is all very exciting.  I am in the process of contacting all whose work I have referred to in order to ascertain whether is needed.  In  most instances, it has not been, however I personally consider this is a polite thing to do. 

Once a response has been received back from the proofreader, I will be in a better position to ascertain when pre-orders may commence.

All the while the soursobs are beginning to take over my garden so I really should spend some time this coming weekend pulling weeds in order to stop be contemplating what else is on my list of "things to do" for the remainder of the year ... hmm, I think July is further enough to think about at this point in time.

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