14 May 2012

Book Update

After many years of finding almost every distraction possible since the idea was first put to me, not to mention even a change in direction as to what to write about, my first book, Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats, is inching ever towards being completed with the first three chapters having been sent off to the proofreader over the weekend.

While I wait to hear back, there is still a whole list of things that are needed to be done, such as obtaining the appropriate permissions where other people's work has been used and, most importantly, obtaining the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) so that my book can find its way into bookshops, libraries, universities, etc.

When I can get more of an idea of the number of pages, I can get the cover designer, local artist Anthea Wright, to finish off the cover, as well as an idea of how much the book is to retail at with respect to taking pre-orders.

All these sorts of things an agent normally looks after on behalf the author, but for various reasons I will be attempting to produce my book myself (with the much valued assistance from a number of others including the local printers who I will be using).

The restricting fear as to whether what I have written will do the subject justice and my thoughts to meet the approval of my peers, has slowly subsided.  I am now looking forward to receiving the first printed copy of my book.

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