23 April 2012

A Week of Much Activity

Sometimes the world that I operate in is extremely busy and chaotic - with a lot of things happening or underway at the same time ... organised chaos I personally prefer to call it, and for the most part, things run extremely smoothly (especially now as I am learning to "delegate" to other coven members.

While it is still a month out from the Encountering the Dark Goddess workshop, the final proofing of the workshop notes is well underway, activities that will be undertaken throughout the day have been planned, and the sourcing of specialised objects that will be used during the day.  There is still room for a couple more participants to join us on the 26th of May - registrations however will be closing within a couple of weeks so registrations (with a deposit) need to be received in time.

I have even dug the holes for an arch that will cover a devotional altar that I am hoping will be erected in time ... if not, there is always the altar in the sacred circle that can be used for one particular Goddess.

The coven has a couple of events booked for the next few months - the first being an overnight camping expedition south of Adelaide where only a piece of canvas will separate us from the elements and nature.  It has been an extremely long time since I have been camping like this, and I am really looking forward to it. 

In June, the Temple of the Dark Moon's annual Wild Hunt Magickal Retreat will be taking place around the Southern Winter Solstice.  Organisation for this event is well underway with the ritual being finalised and individual presentations being written.  We have also received our first deposit  which  is always welcomed as we start to collect the materials needed for the many activities that will be taking place during the retreat :)

After attending a wonderful presentation of Goddess temples, I have the inspiration, as well as room within my busy schedule, to resume the devotional services that are organised through The Goddess House.  I decided to place this devotional work on hold this year so that I could finalise the manuscript for my book (which has been achieved and is now awaiting the availability of the proofreader).  So, resuming on the second Tuesday of the month from July onwards, these services (that also include a healing circle and handout about the monthly theme) will be open this year to menfolk as well as women, as the God, the divine masculine, will also be included in the devotional services.

Behind the scenes, I have also started slowly updating many of the articles on the Temple's web site to ensure that the show the correct email address, as well as finalising my upcoming presentation at the August Pagans in the Pizza Bar (Adelaide), and stating the research for my workshop on Celtic Goddesses and Warrior Queens that I will be running through the RosePetal Temple in October.

As I become more proficient in the art of delegation, I am able to make starts on events that are scheduled to occur later in the year, which in turn reduces not only my stress levels, but also those around me.  For, if things hiccup and become a tad more chaotic at some stage, through all this advantage work is being undertaken now, we are still on track to achieve the required results.

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