05 April 2012

Dancing the Esbat

According the Merriam Webster dictionary, an "esbat" comes for the French word esbatre meaning "to divert, amuse, beat" .. and that is what we will be doing com Saturday night when the first Full Moon Gathering for 2012 to be held back in the Botanic Park will take place.

I find that spending time in the light of the Full Moon a perfect way to "divert" my attention away from the stresses and worries of mundane, allowing my body time to recharge and my mind a change to refocus on what is actually important as opposed to what may be perceived as being important.  It is also a perfect opportunity to "divert" my attention and energies to those who are in a more needy situation than myself by giving thanks and gratitude that whilst at times it may appear to be difficult, I have the ability to keep the roof over my head, food on my table, clothes on my back .. the basic needs we all seek.

Spending some time with like minded people always provides the ability to "amuse" me - in that it "directs attention away from serious matters" (meaning of "amuse" according to another online dictionary).  Sometimes we get too caught up in the seriousness of life, and whilst there is a serious side to ritual workings, during the public esbats, a more organic approach is adopted, allowing the rite to go with the flow.

And in going with the flow, we will be chanting and "beating" our drums - what a better way of rising energy, not to mention entering in to various levels of trance work, or just a way of self expression.

Whatever you are doing this Saturday night, take some time out and give thanks to the Lady of the Midnight Skies ...

"Pray to the Moon, when She is rounde,
Luck with you, shall then abounde.
What ever you seek for, Shall be founde,
In Sea, or Sky, or Solid Grounde"

If you are in Adelaide, and can get to Botanic Park, we will be meeting under the pine trees in the carpark off Hackney Road from 7:30pm and moving into the park around 7:45pm - bring your drums and join us.

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