27 April 2012

Abundance of Blessings

There is a section behind the Temple building that does not receive a lot of sun.  The previous owner planted a fig and a hibiscus around the edges, but for the most part, nothing grows (except for weeds once the Winter rains have arrived).  An idea came to me a while back to possibly pave the area and upon the pavers construct a labyrinth.

Labyrinths have been around for some 4,000 years and are found in just about every major religious tradition in the world.  They have been an integral part of many cultures such as Native American, Greek, Celtic and Mayan.  To the Hopis, the labyrint was a sacred symbol for "Mother Earth".  Similar to Stonehenge and the pyramids, they are magical geometric forms that define sacred space.  Chartres Cathedral at Chartres, France is a very famous labyrinth.

A beautiful garden labyrinth
The process of walking a labyrinth as a form of meditation.  When you walk a labyrinth, you meander back and forth, turning 180 degrees each time you enter a different circuit.  As you shift your direction you also shift your awareness from right brain to left brain.  This is one of the reasons the labyrinth can induce receptive states of consciousness. It can also help to balance the chakras.

The Sacred Circle

A few months ago I put out a call for free pavers and to my delight, not only have I now received enough pavers to lay on the area set aside for the labyrinth, but also enough to construct the paths both to the labyrinth as well as around the other side of the Temple, that leads to the sacred circle.

For this, I am extremely grateful.

Shortly the hard work will commence in levelling the ground in readiness for laying the pavers ... but the thought of transforming a disused area of the garden into something sacred which can be utilised by all who attend covenstead through the Temple's events, as well as those hosted by The Goddess House, will certainly be worth it.

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