06 March 2012

The Year of the Scribe

I love to write. All over my house there are pens and notebooks containing thoughts and ideas. Considering English was my least favourite subject at school, it was a delight when I saw my first piece of work in print (a poem published in a writer's group magazine).

Over the years, I have had various pieces published, from inhouse organisational newsletters through to off-the-shelf magazines and international calendars. Since 2002, I have been a regular contributor for Insight magazine, with my articles also appearing in publications both within Australia, as well as New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This year definitely seems to be the "Year of the Scribe" with notification received this morning that after immersing myself into the Arthurian legend for about three months, an essay I had written about Morgan le Fay, the infamous bewitching half sister of King Arthur, has been accepted for a new and rather exciting publication by Avalonia books, entitled "The Faerie Queens" (edited by Sorita d'Este).

This news has followed notification that I will also have at least one piece of devotional poetry to be published in "The Pagan Prayer Project", and idea conceived by Stacey Demarco, as well as an article on death from a Pagan perspective to appear in the second part of the anthology "Memento Mori" (edited by Kim Huggens).

All the while, I am also working on my own book (the original idea of which was conceived nearly 10 years ago) which is getting increasingly close to finishing ... to the stage where the cover has been designed and I am now checking out proof-readers as well as possible printing options.

All these side projects act as confirmation that this is the year that my book will be birthed. A very exciting moment to be part of.

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