16 March 2012

Mercury in Retrograde - What this may mean

On 12 March, Mercury went into retrograde, and as it has done so in my own "Sun" sign, that of Aires, maybe I shouldn't get out of bed in the morning for, or at least learn how to tiptoe on egg shells for fear of upsetting everyone's own personal "sensitivities" ... or maybe I should simply embrace my Aries nature and be done with it.

When Mercury, the planet that rules all forms of communication (including internet social media blogging/twittering and emails), goes into "retrograde" (when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac), astrologers advise to take special care when communicating with others, and to backup computers.  Further, as Mercury is also the Roman trickster God, keep tabs on where you put your mobile phone if your life (business, social or otherwise) is highly dependant on it. 

Whilst my own knowledge of astrology is somewhat limited, the following pointers have been compiled from various sites in an attempt to make some sense of how this may effect people.

1. Be prepared to hear things that on a deeper level you knew all along so these "revelations" aren't really as "revealing" as they first appear.

2. Do not be too surprised if past acquaintences start to reappear in your life.  Possibly there is some unfinished business, an unacknowledged lesson to learn?  Recently I have had three such people reappear, one of which seemingly to make it plainly obvious as to why the past, at times, should remain in the past, especially when the other person has not interest in relinquishing their "issues".  Really, it doesn't take much to be "civil".

3. Now is the time to gain the confidence to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, even if it means "offending" those who are "delicate" and who tend to take everything personally - their issue, not yours as everyone has the right to speak their "truth".  Just be mindful that you are are assertive and not aggressive.

4. Keep in mind the magickal axiom that "like attracts like" - stop focusing on the negative and focus more on the positive, therefore bringing more positive energy into your life.

At the end of the day, when Mercury goes into retrograde it offers us a wonderful opportunity to focus internally, on ourselves, a time to relax and review dreams, a time to remove the unwanted from all aspects of our lives (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), to focus more on the positive and creating such an environment to reside in, that brings us that inner peace, solitude and healing that we need from time to time.

Mercury will turn direct again on 4 April, which could be a long wait.

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