08 March 2012

Full Moon in Virgo (March 2012)

The Full Moon in Virgo happens at 18 degrees on 8 March 2012 at 8:10pm (South Australian time).  We have the opportunity for more self-awareness and healing. We can draw upon the Inner Healer Archetype to help us with the process. Have you noticed the Inner Critic creating problems for you?  Have you notice you don’t like yourself when you are overly judgmental or controlling?   Where is the inner critic going “toxic” on you?

When the Inner Critic archetype is in balance it can be very helpful for us to discern what is essential and not essential in our lives.  We can critique in a loving and empowered way.  This is one aspect or archetype we can heal and transform under the symbolic influence of the Full Moon’s light.

This phase of the lunar cycle may represent a gentle cleanse of the emotional level. What will be brought out into the light from the shadows of our subconscious?  Decode what you are ready to freely give up and let go of on an emotional and psychological level?  When the With the Moon in Virgo is off-balance we can be overly fussy too creating more tension than needed.  When the Moon in Virgo is in balance we may be very precise with taking care of our needs and health.

The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo do not have any other major planets generating any other conflicts that the time of the Full Moon. Mars still retrograde in Virgo heightens the focus upon the sign. We may feel slightly sluggish or anti-passionate about anything including our health and wellness.  Or you may be feeling extra nervous tension making sure you are healthy and well. Either way, during the Full Moon in Virgo we need to tend to our day-to-day routines and wellness not just physical body but all of levels; spiritual, mental and emotional.

Since it is before the Equinox, what a wonderful time to gently “cleanse and purify” ourselves on all levels. Research and review which cleanse or detox program that will best fit your personal needs or ask a qualified holistic care practitioner or doctor.

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