17 March 2012

Brighid's Sacred Flame

According to legend, Brighid was originally an Irish Goddess who is associated with healing waters, wells and springs. With 1 February (Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere) is her sacred day, so she is often associated with this sabbat. Brighid is also associated with smithcraft, and creativity.

Due to her worship being so popular, she was canonised into St Brigit, and her sacred shrine in Kildare, Ireland where 19 priestesses had attended her sacred flame, was taken over by nine nuns. There is some debate as to whether this flame was extinguished during the the reign of King Henry VIII in the 15th century or not. Regardless of what actually happened. the flame was relit and has been burning constantly ever since.

At the 2011 Australian Goddess Conference, Kathy Jones (from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, England) brought out a candle that had been lit from Brighid's sacred flame. Recently I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to light a candle from a candle that had been lit from Kathy's candle. Part of receiving this honour involved the underlying commitment to share the sacred flame.

Aside from being associated with Imbolc (and therefore naturally fertilty, birth and new grow), Brighid also is the Bringer of Prosperity, associated with poetry, healing, and animal care and breeding. Further she is a warrior and healer, making her an extremely powerful and universal Goddess. Little wonder therefore, she "had" to be canonised.

In keeping with my commitment, I am happy to send out candles lit from my own candle to anyone who would like one. The only condition is that you also undertake this commitment and freely share to ensure that her flame continues.

I ask no payment as this flame was gifted to me, however make a request that you cover postage (especially if you live overseas) or even some other form of "energy" exchange. Just PM me with your address and I will provide you with my Paypal account details once I have checked with the Post Office as to how much postage will be.

For those who are able to attend an event I host in person, I ask that you make a gold coin donation that will be given to an appropriate charity to ensure that Brighid's healing energies continue.

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