06 February 2012

Reflections at Lughnasadh

The Temple celebrated Lughnasadh last week, the Sabbat that traditionally celebrated the first harvest, that of the grain, and as per usual, there was a bit of confusion as here in South Australia, the grain harvest has actually occurred a couple of months ago.

But still, we celebrated and gave thanks for what we have as well as acknowledging the sacrifice that has allowed us to be where we are today.

Offerings of the Harvest

To me, Lughnasadh is also a time of reflection and contemplation. Often in our busy modern lives, we are far too busy, stressed out etc to allow ourselves that precious time of reflection.  Or, as we strive to be "bigger, better, best", we fail to notice the smaller things, nor on a spiritual level, what is truly important. 

As we gathered last week, I felt extremely humbled of the conscious effort that the dedicated initiates had put into the ritual; as well as feeling extremely blessed of being able to share the celebrations with those who are on the abyss of commencing their association with the Temple, as well as other special guests. 

Whilst traditionally it is the Autumn Equinox where the first fruits are offered up to the Gods, because of our abundance in the 21st century, we also offered up fruits as well as bread.  For me, it was the first peach from my precious tree, only fruiting for the second year. 

Last year, there appeared to be an abundance of fruit but unfortunately they were all effected with some bug (I am a "P" plater when it comes to gardening).  This year the crop was smaller yet tonight I have tasted my first peach from my own peach tree .. and all I can say is that it was a worthy sacrifice.

I considered myself to be extremely blessed in being able to have the land to grow at least some of my own produce, even if I am not all that sure of what I am doing - being guided by the "stick it in the ground and see if it grows" rule.

Now I am waiting patiently to see how the two apples of my apple tree fair.

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