11 January 2012

A Year has Passed

Lynne at Callanish (1994)
It is hard to believe that a year has passed (12 January 2011) since a dear friend and mentor, spiritual teacher and muse left this mortal coil to her spiritual homeland, that being Callanish, off the north western part of Scotland.

To read about this amazing and extremely talented woman that I was blessed to have met in the early 1990s, please refer to my previous blog posting, The Passing of a Celtic Amazon.

A year has passed and still the sun rises and sets, the sacred seasonal Wheel of the Year turns.  In  honour of her and what she taught me over the years (and indeed still teaches me), I have an essay in an upcoming anthology, Memento Mori (edited by Kim Huggens), that has been dedicated to her.

Lynne watching Harris tweed being
woven the traditional way.

May the road rise up to meet you, Lynne.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may Brighid hold you in the palm of her hand.
(adapted from a traditional Gaelic blessing).

To commemorate Lynne's artwork (which has been exhibited in galleries around Australia, UK and Europe from the 1970s to 2010), a Summer Solstice exhibition will be held that will take place from 12 to 23 December 2012 with the venue being ‘The Palm House’, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.  An invitation to anyone interested in joining in this celebration and/or contributing artwork has gone out with details to be found on Lynne's web site that is lovingly maintained by friends of hers.

In hnour of Lynne, I would like to share this poem about Bride (or Brighid, Brigit) who was Lynne's favour Goddess.

Sloinneadh na Ban-naomh Bride,
Lasair dhealrach oir, muime chorr Chriosda.
Bride nighinn Dughaill duinn,
Mhic Aoidh, mhic Airt, mhic Cuinn,
Mhic Crearair, mhic Cis, mhic Carmaig, mhic Carruinn.
Gach la agus gach oidhche
Ni mi sloinntireachd air Bride,
Cha mharbhar mi, cha spuillear mi,
Cha charcar mi, cha chiurar mi,
Cha mhu dh' fhagas Criosd an dearmad mi.
Cha loisg teine, grian, no gealach mi,
Cha bhath luin, li, no sala mi,
Cha reub saighid sithich, no sibhich mi,
Is mi fo chomaraig mo Naomh Muire
Is i mo chaomh mhuime Bride.

The genealogy of the holy maiden Brigit,
Radiant arrow of flame, noble foster-mother of gods,
Brigit the daughter of the Dagda,
Dagda the Good God, the son of Ethlinn,
Ethlinn the daughter of Balor,
Balor the king of the Fomoire.
Every day and every night
That I say the genealogy of Brigit,
I shall not be killed, I shall not be injured,
I shall not be enchanted, I shall not be cursed,
Neither shall my power leave me.
No earth, no sod, no turf shall cover me,
No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me,
No water, no lake, no sea shall drown me,
No air, no wind, no vapour shall sicken me,
No glamour out of Faery shall o'ertake me,
And I under the protection of the holy maiden,
My gentle foster-mother, my beloved Brigit.

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  1. Thank you for this Frances, a great tribute to Lynne.