05 January 2012

The Truth about Priestessing

Whilst many people I know are returning to work after time off over the Christmas/New Year, with some lucky ones still having another week of holidays up their sleeves, those like myself have only had public holidays off which, as I am realising, is hardly time enough to recharge batteries.  Likewise, whilst prior to this break the Temple had our "Summer closedown" gathering, Temple duties and my work as a priestess has not ceased.  In fact I feel I have been busier than ever.

The Inner Court circled together up until the Summer Solstice which was shared with friends and those from the 2011 training circle that had already expresssed an interest in continuing their study with us.  This coming Monday evening, being the first Full Moon of the year, our annual Yemaya Blessing of the Waters rite will be taking place down at Grange Beach, and after that is our annual rite whereby the Temple covenstead is reconsecrated in readiness for the coming magickal year.  On top of this, there have recently been a number of circumstances where my role as a Wiccan High Priestess has been called upon by non-Temple members in order to help them with various issues.

Assembling reading material and upcoming workshops, interviewing (meeting) applicants for this year's Outer Court, answering general queries, and even the mundane activities of polishing ritual impliments and ensuring none of Arachne's relatives have taken up residence whilst the covenstead has been resting, has largely consumed whatever "spare" time I have had.  That and research for an anthology that I am contributing towards.

Recently someone indicated to me that as I was not taking "holidays", I was similar to the "priestessses of old" who dedicated their life to their Craft.  Something that I, and certainly those who know me, would not disagree with.  But there is more to that when it comes to priestessing, or being a member of any Priesthood - and that is the desire to serve.

To me, my service to my Craft takes many forms - the various rituals undertaken whereby the Gods of Old are acknowledged and worked with, the public events held, my writing (which also involves constant research), and even my own personal communion (something in itself takes on many forms).  There is also an impulse to offer assistance to those who are struggling and often such people are not active members of the Temple.   

To me that is what priestessing is all about.  It is not just something done only within circles, at esbats and solstices, or when you have time.  It may also involve people who are not connected with my group but who needs assistance in order for them to process along their own choosen spiritual path.  Such duties from part of the oaths that I undertook during various initiations and dedicationso to the Gods that I serve, and much of this work is done free of charge or at the most, a donation to the Temple and/or one of the number of charities that we support.

To me, being a priestess (or a priest) dedicated to the Old Ways and to the tradition that Iwas initiated into, is a duty, and therefore, the priestessing work that I do is something that happenings whenever there is a need.

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