30 December 2011

Reflections on 2011

With New Year's eve almost at our doorstep, it might be a good idea to take a moment to comtemplate on the year that is about to pass.  How has it been for you?  Successful, bringing in all your heart's desire and more ... a disaster, resulting in your very existence crumbling into oblivion ... or something resembling a roller coaster ride offering many peaks and troughs, successes and challenges?  Regardless of how much of a handball life throws at me, there is something that I tend to keep in mind and that is ..

Whilst I may not have control over all events in my life,
I DO have control over how I react to them.

And with that in mind, I give thanks for all the challenges, as well as the blessings that I have received throughout this passing calendar year, for all the negativity directed towards me and what I do as well as the compliments and praise ... and ths is because I choose to use such as guidelines and inspiration, and boundaries and where I can draw strength from.  Further, they are also a constant reminder of humility and the simple fact that whilst try as we may, it is simply impossible to try and please everyone.

This passing calendar year, despite being a "4" year, the number of stability and foundation, has seen one important aspect of this being challenged for me - and that is in the area of work, where in August I lost my then employment (technically unfairly).  And whilst it has been, at times, a struggle financially to ensure that the mortgage and bills are paid, as well as keeping Mr Sethmeister (the cat) in the luxury that he has become used to, my faith never weakened and the Gods have in fact opened the door that have enabled me to venture into a completely different realm.  I give thanks for this knowing that there are others worse off than myself.

It has almost been like all over the world our "foundation" is being tested - Christchurch (New Zealand) in particular, where devastating earthquakes are still being felt since the initial ones earlier this year on 22 February 2011.  Having grown up in the "shakey isles", I personally cannot recall such a spate of earthquakes - in fact prior to the February earthquake, that last one of such magnitude that I can remember occured back in March 1987, where a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Eastern Bay of Plenty, and in particular the towns of Edgecumbe, Te Teko, Kawerau, Matata and Thornton.

But the Christchurch earthquakes have not been the only "shaking" - Japan also mande the news for all the wrong reasons after an earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami which in turn gave rise to a potential meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  There has also been a number of political uprisings around the world, in particular in the Middle East, as the general public are starting to find their voice, as well as in Greece and Italy as the effects of the global financial crisis and greed in recent times truly impact upon the daily lives of those who have seen little, if any, benefit from such greed.

Amongst all this global doom and gloom it can be difficult to find something to be cheerful about, or indeed to justify being happy whilst there is seemingly so much pain in the world.  But we can, and we do, because life moves on.  We all are on life's roller coaster going through the peaks and troughs ... or to use a Buddhist terminology, Samsara, which is a Sanskrit word meaning "journeying", as within the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  And it is the lessons learnt whilst we go through these peaks and troughs, through the cycles of life, that enables our soul to evolve along its own spiritual evolution.  For like a blocked pool of water that grows stagnant and turns into a breeding ground for mosquitos, so too can our thoughts and perceptions on life if not challenged.

So with a new calendar year around the corner, and indeed a rather special year with various planetary alignments taking place, I give thanks for all the experiences that I have received and knowledge gained, for all the old friendships that have passed in order for new ones to be made, and for the opportunities that I have embraced that have tested me, enabling me to progress along my own unique journey.

There are times when you need to gather your courage and leap into the abyss, into the unknown.  What you do with the experience and how you react to it is entirely up to you.  And as is often the way of the Gods, it may not be until sometime later when you have resurfaced again, that the true benefit of such an experience is realised.

With the year of change about to dawn, now is the time to ride with the roller coaster face first and eyes wide open.  After all, it is you who is in control.

Have a safe New Years everybody whatever you do.

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  1. Greatest New Years post I have read yet! I really love when you said "Like a blocked pool of water that grows stagnant and turns into a breeding ground for mosquitos, so too can our thoughts and perceptions on life if not challenged." That's so true & that had been me nearly this whole 2011 year. Not 2012 however! :) Blessed Be & I hope you have a great 2012 year!