23 December 2011

Invocation to Ra

With the Sun at its peak here in the Southern Hemisphere, the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, comes to mind.  By the 5th Dynasty, Ra was identified as a major deity, primarily associated with the midday sun but over time, he became to represent the Sun at all times during the day.

Ra's chief centre of worship was based in Iunu or more commonly today known by its Greek interpretation, Heliopolis, which means "City of the Sun" (after the Greek Sun God, Helios).  Heliopolis was believed to be the oldest city in ancient Egypt.  In later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra was merged with the God Horus, as Re-Horakhty (and many variant spellings). When his worship reached this position of importance in the Egyptian pantheon, he was believed to command the sky, the earth, and the Underworld.

He was associated with the falcon, the symbol of other sun deities who protected the pharaohs in later myths. After the deities were paired with pharaohs, the children of Hathor were considered to be fathered by Ra.

The following is an invocation to the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, that was received by ACh LA, as Scribe (Brian Goldstein) and issued by the Snactury of Thoth ...

Hail to you, having come as Kephra, even Kephra who is the Creator of the Gods.
You rise and shine on the Back of your Mother, having appeared in Glory as the King of the Gods.
Your Mother, Nuit, shall use Her arms on your behalf in making greeting.
May you give power and might in vindication – in the coming forth of this living soul
to the Ka of this Childe.
The Eye has opened unto Thee, I see Thee in Thy Bark, with Horus at the helm,
and Thoth and Maat beside Him,
I invoke Thee, Lord of the Circles, the Sender-forth of Light, who governs His Circles, the Great God Ra!

Hail to you, Lord of All, I have come to you spiritualized and pure, the Eye of Horus is upon me,
Allow my heart to rightly guide me in this destroying hour, descend, appear as Thou are,
even as the Great Falcon, 
I receive Thee as the Celestial Cow, who is Thy Sacred Eye, I receive Thee through my blood,
I drink to Thee in my Breath.
Cme to me, I receive you, repel the Crocodile, protect me, make way for me, safe-guard me in Truth,
I do not fear, encircle me, make goodly the paths for me in Thy dignity and Thy power,
embrace me for I adore Thee,
I work for Thee, my Aspiration is to serve Thee ever so rightly in the Holy Work,
come now in peace and Love O Great God who is the Sun ...

The complete Invocation to Ra can be found at the Sanctuary of Thoth

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