02 December 2011

Advanced training in magick, Wicca and the Craft

Often I am asked about the training structure within the Temple of the Dark Moon.  So, as applications are currently being considered for the 2012 Outer Court intake, it seems an appropriate time to briefly talk about this.

All training that occurs within the Temple of the Dark Moon is undertaken depending on time constraints and possible vacancies within the Temple's two circles - these being the Inner Court (that is a closed circle consisting of dedicants and initiates only) as well as the Outer Court (that consists of students undertaking training with the overall view of gaining access into the Inner Court.

Autumn Equinox picnic
A general introduction to magick, Wicca, the Craft as well as ritual work within a group concept etc is undertaken as The Wytch's Circle and held over six lessons commencing in the early Southern Spring (July).   From this initial training, students can make application to enter into the Temple's Outer Court that commences around Lughnasadh (February) and again consists of six lessons.  Whilst preference is naturally given to those who have already undertaken some training with the Temple of the Dark Moon, we do acknowledge prior learning (whether from another group or self-taught).

  The study provided within the Outer Court is classified as “Level II” which assumes that student already has had some basic introduction of Wicca, ritual and magickal workings. Aside from regular attendance of open circles, which helps establish the desired level of commitment necessary to be considered for entry into the Inner Court, the student will be provided with a series of assignments that are based around the “Level II” instruction as well as prescribed texts.

Imbolc Altar
As a coven, we are a small and intimate collection of like minded people who adhere to similar ethics and philosophies and who all have a dedication to the teachings as handed down to us.  We meet regularly to work ritual as well as acknowledging the changing phases of the Moon (esbats) as well as those of the seasons (sabbats).  We are also a social coven, holding a number of events that are open to friends and family, as well as the general public, in particular our Full Moon Gatherings, a service we have been offering to the local community since 2004.

More information about the Outer Court training circle can be found here, which provides links to what we look for in an applicant as well as where the Outer Court application form can be downloaded.  Applications will close mid January 2012.

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