09 October 2011

Goddess Prayer Beads

Strings of beads are used in various religions and spiritual traditions as a way of counting when reciting a mantra, a prayer, or even blessings, with two examples being rosary beads (used within the Catholic faith) and mala beads (within Buddhism). The beads can also be used when giving thanks as well as assisting when aligning one's self with the Divine.
Goddess beads can be used in a similar way, with the colour of the beads being up to the individual. However, recently beads in honour of the Moon Goddess were made where the beads used reflected her triple nature of Maiden (white), Mother (red) and Crone (black), with 13 of each colour being used - representing the 13 months contained within a lunar year.

Between each bead a silver spacer bead was placed and between each section of coloured beads, two spacers either side of a decorative bead were used.
Opalence beads were used to at the end to represent the moon in general. Other decorative beads can also be added depending on what is available and the desire/purpose intended for the beads.
Once completed, the beads will be blessed during the energies of the next Full Moon before being used.

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