25 May 2011

The Wytch's Circle

I was not going to run a Wytch's Circle, or any kind of training group, this year as I was going to focus on finishing my long await book, not to mention continuing with the training of those already studying with the Temple of the Dark Moon ... however the requests have been coming thick and fast of late for me to offer some kind of instruction, so I have decided to hold a revised version of The Wytch's Circle from Thursday, 21 July 2011 onwards.

Initially an intensive six week course, the 2011 version of The Wytch's Circle will take place monthly and depending on the level and experience of those in attendance, will focus largely on circle and ritual workings, as well as other ritual and magickal techniques depending on time and interest.

These days with the amount of information available on Alexandrian Wytchcraft and Pagan ritual practices, the call for 101 coures tend to be a rarity - what is lacking is the actual practical side of things.  However, through experience, most books these days tend not to delve too much into the technical side of things, which can often result in the practitioner (beginner or other wise) still unsure as to why things are actually done in the way one is being told to do them in.  These "behind the scenes" snippets of information, not to mention the invaluable experience of actual ritual workings and group contact, is what this course will be about.

With the material being provided incorporating the four main traditions which are central to the practices of the Temple of the Dark Moon (that being Alexandrian-based Wytchcraft, traditional Craft, the Qabalah and ceremonial magick), attendees of this course are exposed to a variety of techniques as well as the insight as to how these seemingly different practices and traditions can work together.

This training circle will take place at the Temple's covenstead. There will be a limited number of positions available. This is because we provide each student with virtually personal one-on-one instruction.

A registration form will be available to download from the Temple of the Dark Moon's web site within the next few weeks. 

A small registration fee of $20.00 should accompany the form (this covers the production  of a "starter's pack" that each attendee will be provided with).  Monthly lessons are only $10.00 (or $5.00 with a can donation to the Animal Welfare League) to help cover the costs of notes provided.

Quality is a key factor to all training offered
by the Temple of the Dark Moon

Past student comment:
For anyone considering this i do recommend it. i have participated in this course, even though i have been practicing for years, i have learned so many new and different things which has expanded my sense of who i am as a witch and how i practice. the energy of working in group is amazing and this was the first time i had really experienced it. it completely cracked open some barriers i had to the use of my own power, i didnt even realise i had barriers at all. its a very relaxed and energising experience and no matter how tired you are when you walk in you walk out calm relaxed but energised. its been fabulous Frances, Thank you again for Sharing your wisdom and knowledge.
bb - Deb )O(

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