15 May 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio - 17 May 2011

Next week's Full Moon (17 May) will be the second Full Moon at 29 degrees Scorpio, with the first being the previous month (April) 0 degrees.  Some Full Moon themes are: upheaval, surging emotions, passion, intensity, truth telling, sexual merging, alchemical change. 

Lisa Dale Miller of astrowisdom says the intensity of this Full Moon will top the first!  In her Full Moon message, she writes, "Get ready for the truth to come reigning down on us like a firestorm." Scorpio has a special sight for things like denial, abuse of power and exposing secrets that lie in shadow.

Scorpio's psychic-emotional power is both feared and respected. It is a sign of healing, but in the Plutonian sense. The kind that means facing demons, walking through fear and taking a good hard look at what is going on. This realist sees the good, bad and the ugly, and never lives in la la land. That makes this Full Moon a potential time to heal deep wounds in the soul, or move away from unhealthy fixations that bog down your energy. Scorpio's radar can hone in on the undercurrents of situations or relationship. It is a rich time for insights that guide you away from extremes, addictions, obsessions, etc, and toward more stability.

The Sun and Venus in earthy Taurus anchors the Full Moon in calm creature comforts. The Scorpio-Taurus axis is about going deep, while experiencing the simple pleasures. This Full Moon emphasizes both kinds of roots, the psychic subterranean kind, and those that come from being parked in one spot. It is timely for purging the excess, what takes you off your center. Scorpio's regenerative force helps you clear out the psyche, and come home to feeling good.

This Full Moon invites us to go beyond the surface, to get to the roots of what's going on. It is favorable for having those conversations that make you want to run in the other direction. Emotions are intense, and things could get explosive. You sense danger in what comes out. But those primal feelings do more harm when they're underground, than they do when expressed in an open way. It's a time for catharsis in relationships, to clear out what's gotten tangled up between you. While it is edgy in the moment, it leads to Scorpio's gift of regeneration.

This Full Moon is a second immersion in Scorpio's raging waters. It is a peak time for psychic revelations. What comes up might require you to drastically transform. We are all facing a new era of limitation, a challenge to do more with less. To live more simply, and enjoy it more deeply.

What is being revealed by the double whammy full Moons in Scorpio? Watch for clues that lead you home to your essential Self. And use what is solidly true, as the foundation for something new.

The Temple of the Dark Moon will be holding a free and open to the public Full Moon Gathering on Wednesday, 18 May 2011, from 7.45pm to around 8.30pm.  We meet in the car park to Botanic Park off Hackney Road, Adelaide (under the pine trees).  Children are welcome to attend as long as they are under supervision of their parents or a guardian.

Source: Molly Hall

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