16 April 2011

Intuitive Message for the Libra Full Moon - We are one Together

I am you, you are me, we are one together…words from the 1960s that inspired a revolutionary generation are today's message from a world in revolt. The Beatles tune is now a familiar soundtrack in our world, yet the combination of Uranus and Pluto that dominated the 60s worldwide revolutions in politics, music, culture, and consciousness is singing the same song today. Uranus and Pluto are again in dynamic relationship to one another through their square in Aries/Capricorn, with Saturn in Libra joining them in the streets in 2011.

The Jupitarian belief that more and better is possible, supported by Saturn’s commitment to organizing with others, is bringing together unlikely bedfellows in the streets of Cairo and Madison. In Cairo, secular youth, professors, unemployed workers, women, Coptic Christians and the Muslim brothers marched together. In Madison, youth, professors, unemployed workers, women, firefighters, police, Democrats, Republicans and religious leaders marched together. In each country and throughout the world people came together to demand their rights or to preserve their rights, the rights of the Aries individual and the Libra community, the "I" of Aries and the "We" of Libra. We are one together.

Each spring at the Aries/Libra Full Moon our world is infused with the consciousness of the Christ, the message of love. This great teacher asked us to love God with our whole hearts, minds and spirits, to love one another as ourselves, to be the loving Good Samaritan, to never cast the first stone, to see the flaw in ourselves rather than the flaw in others. Love of self as a conscious, caring human being, balanced by love for the consciousness of the others in our world — those who are not like us — was the essence of the life of Jesus, a life teaching what earlier and later teachers have preached.

This Libra Moon inspires us to see the others in our world, to care for them, to listen to them, to join with them to find common ground. These nice Libran words and concepts are not new; they are now imperative if we all want to live together in harmony on an ever smaller, hotter, more crowded planet. The great religious sages have lived and preached love; however, it is only the Aries “I” who can co-create a loving world.

We are living in a period of intense challenges and immense opportunity. Only our human potential fully developed, lived and shared can transform our current challenges into the opportunity to live in a world that respects individuals while caring for the whole — the world of me and all those who are not me. Every ideal we human beings hold as desirable and sacred is contained in the Libran message of love. Love begets compassion, beauty, justice, and mercy through the recognition of connectedness. We have been told by all great teachers that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for God, the divine. This is the caring, Libran path to authentic, Aries selfhood and independence.

Source: Julie Bondi

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