03 March 2011

New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces occurrs on Saturday, 5 March 2011 at 7.16am (Adelaide, South Australia time).

At the dark of the Moon, we descend, and merge with universal forces. The power of surrendering to Source, or the primordial ocean, is amplified with six planets in Pisces!  It is Uranus' final days in Pisces, which ties what each of us goes through, to this mysterious awakening of our time. There can be spontaneous healing, altered states, changes of heart -- here at the wrap up degree of Uranus Pisces.

Pisces is a sign of extremes, taking us to ecstatic mystical highs, or nightmarish lows.  It is a very impressionable time for all of us, with psychic boundaries thin and wispy. In these days of the New Moon and beyond, be wise about what you are exposed to. Listen to music that uplifts your soul, or choose movies/shows that enchant or inspire. It makes a huge difference.

Strange Waves
Pisces is a daunting sign in this large a dose, with all that could ride in on the tide. Heading into the New Moon, push to the top, all your strategies for coping with intense moods. The Sun-Moon are at 13 degrees Pisces, and joined by Mercury. Pisces is a sign that translates subtle perceptions, making it a time for seeing beyond ordinary reality.

Wild serendipity happens now. You have a mind meld, and know what someone is about to say. The Pisces experience brings the supernatural to the fore, to work with, be inspired by.  It is a time when you can integrate these more subtle senses into your life, your art, your relationships.

Mars is there to take minor frustrations, and run with them, until you're distraught. But Mars Pisces can also motivate you to sing, dance or dramatize your feelings. It inspires you to act on what you're sensing, though others may not see it. And go out of your way to help the underdog -- a stray animal or homeless person.

Soul Wounds and Unseen Influences
This is a powerful time for energy work, like cord cutting rituals, and soul retrieval. A key to healing with Chiron Pisces is being aware of any forces of deliberate manipulation working in unseen realms. Use herbs like sage to clear your space. Frighten malingering energies out of corners with Tibetan bells, and sweep them out with the dust bunnies. Disengage from anything that feels like a pull on your psyche. The New Moon re-set this month is complete when you have freshened up your psychic space.

This upcoming New Moon is one for daring to be as profound as you really are. If you are discouraged, and many are, ask for healing energies to bombard you in your sleep. If those around you are demoralized, resolve to live with greater heart, purpose and joy.

To make a vow, or declare your devotion to a cause. To commit to your art. To refresh your altar. To light a white candle (since white contains all the colors) and declare your intention. To make a New Moon collage, song, drawing, photograph or poem.

To do all you can to stay faithful, in this super challenging time for us all. To be forgiving of yourself and others. To be clear about your boundaries. To speak what you know, and act on subtle intuition. To allow the healing to happen.

Source: Astrology About by Molly Hall

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