17 March 2011

Autumn is in the Air

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, with the Autumn Equinox (or Mabon as it seems to be called more commonly these days) fast approaching, I am really noticing the change in seasons.  Maybe it is because we are still in daylight savings (with another couple of weeks until the end of the month to go before we go back to "normal" time) but the mornings are distinctively getting darker ... in fact the Sun is now not rising until after 7.00am ... making it harder and harder to get out of bed.

The Autumn Equinox is the second harvest festival, the one usually associated with vegetables and fruit (as Lughnasadh is the grain harvest).  With the amount of Summer rains we have had, my vege garden is showing signs of abundance with capcisums and late seasoned lettuces.  Even the more recent plantings of Winter vegetables are looking extremely healthy including a pumpkin that is about 40cm long.

On a personal level however my harvest for this solar year seems to echo that of my garden with there being a number of things I have achieved and which I will be giving thanks for .. not to mention the endless number of challenges as well, however if it was not for these, we would never truly grow spiritually.

This coming Sunday, the Temple of the Dark Moon will be holding our annual picnic in the park, a family friendly open event where likeminded people are welcome to gather for a relaxed afternoon.  If you are looking to spend the Sabbat with linkminded people, look for us just passed the totem pole in Bonython Park.

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