03 February 2011

Reflection on One's Harvest

As the Wheel is turning to Lughnasadh and beyond, now is the time for bringing in your harvest, for giving thanks for or acknowledging what you have received (whether expecting or not). Sometimes the reasoning behind what we have received is not always clear to us at the time - we need to have "faith" as the underlying meaning will make itself known when the "time is right". This meaning may even call for an action or direction that we have not been expecting.

If our lives are too busy, if we are rushing around being social bunnies, or taking too much on, we can run the risk of not picking up on these subtle messages and signs. We therefore owe it to ourselves, not to mention our own spiritual path to take time out ... to pause and become observant around us and within us. We do not need to be doing everything, pleasing everyone, attending every event, even if we want to. At times we need to be more selective.

Consider your life as a garden. After the seeds have been sown and have started to sprout, often they are clumped together. We need to begin thinning them out to ensure that the best will survive - likewise, in order to get the most out of life, we need to be selective to take on only that which will be of benefit to us.

Take a look at this year's Lughnasadh harvest, the result of the last calendar year. Reflect on what was not achieved, as well as what was achieved. Is there room for improvement, areas which require more work or even less? Are you happy with the amount, the quality or even the direction?

Even if the harvest is not to your expectations, all is not lost. Everything happens for a reason. If it were not for loss, we would not appreciate what we have gained. Once this year's harvest has been completed, only then can you truly ascertain what is needed to ensure a more successful harvest next year.

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