04 January 2011

January Full Moon - Beach Blessing

On Wednesday, 19 January 2011, the Temple of the Dark Moon will be holding an open Full Moon Gathering at Grange Beach (Tennyson).

Being the first Full Moon for 2011, a blessing of the oceans and all the waterways will be undertaken with the rite that will be dedicated to Yemaya, or Ymoja as she was known to the Yoruban people of West Africa.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a small offering (such as a shell, flower or a small stone/pebble) that will be thrown into the waters for Yemaya.

The ritual will be an "open" cast - that is, no formal circle will be cast - and will include a short meditation, an invocation to Yemaya, and possibly some chanting to sing up the Moon.

If you are interested in attending this rite, we will be meeting near the entrance of the jetty at Grange Beach just prior to 8.00pm, when we will move down to the sands.  Children are welcome however they must under the control of their parent/guardian to ensure the enjoyment of everyone in attendance.

More information about Yemaya can be found at The Goddess House

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