31 December 2010

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on 4 January 2011

“Realize you as Soul are success itself. Then your attention and focus shifts into
other important callings then placing your entire sense of self-worth upon the 3D world.
The individual has the opportunity to fulfill their purpose with integrity while knowing
they will enjoy the fruits from the genuine effort that they have put towards living a
life based in authenticity and empowerment.“

Here we are on the verge of new beginnings as we begin a New Year, how exciting! We are drawn to the light, it stirs our passions and puts us in touch with fresh possibilities. The prospect of having new beginnings blasted with extra energy for the next twelve months is the even more enticing. It is best to create a plan or at least something tentative so that we can pour Solar (Sun) light or vitality into it and utilize the auspicious new beginnings energy. On 4 January 2011, is a New Moon and (Partial) Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees in Capricorn.

The Sun and Moon team up together during a New Moon, that is they concentrate both the Conscious (Solar) and the Subconscious (Lunar) towards a common intention or goal. In this case, the sun and moon meet in the sign of Capricorn and the 13 degree point is the ‘active spot.’ Solar Energy symbolizes vitality, vigor and outward expression. We can channel this energy towards a solid plan or intention.

With the Solar Eclipse, it is as if, powerful rays of Solar light shining within the dark fertile void where all is possible. We bring the formless into form. Within the past few months, we have undergone ancient initiations to consciously lay down a strong foundation (Capricorn) of integrity. It is very likely something fresh will birth and we will manifest it in our lives over the next twelve months in a tangible way. We must be show self-responsibility and wisdom as we step onto a new stage.

Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in 26 degrees Pisces comes to a finale today. The last two contacts were in June and September 2010. This duo symbolically turbo-charges the New Moon/Solar Eclipse energies. We are given a boost into “They Beyond” – past old fences and opportunities to expand our horizons in unusual ways. Feel the love and joy within and find ways to laugh and not take yourself so seriously. Grace is working in our lives if we but realize and open to it. Big breakthroughs and shake ups may help set you free. Look at the bigger picture, check in with how things feel and ask your wisdom for guidance.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn will be ‘squaring’ Saturn in Libra at this time. Square aspects in astrology are not totally negative. From my point of view, squares are highly transformative and they propel us towards maturity, patience and honoring the Higher or Sacred Timing. Consider it a call to action to break out of the old limitations, self-imposed or otherwise. If we take the tension or frustration which we certainly notice and feel and use it to help us shift out of the box through putting in real effort, we will see tangible long-lasting results.

Venus in Scorpio makes a square aspect to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. “Healing Deeply, Sets You Free” This astrological aspect ignites our motivation towards deeper level of healing, forgiveness and letting go of painful ‘stings’ or resentments. We could never truly be alone. We are surrounded by alive beings and energies in Life.

Choose to let go of the loneliness and in sacrificing the lesser we open to receive more love. It is important we learn to trust ourselves, and this is on a daily basis. Until then, how can we expect to trust another? Trust is re-established one commitment to self at a time, by choice, action and behaviors/habits. We must surrender the past to feel the lightness and peace of the moment. Use the energy flowing now to aid you in releasing stuck points.

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