30 December 2010

2011 - from a numerological perspective

Now that Christmas is over, we are gearing ourselves up for New Year's eve and 2011. Aside from resolutions that barely last the night out, what else will the year 2011 bring?

If we look at the upcoming year from a numerological perspective, we notice one thing straight away - that being that Universal Year (UY) will either be a "4" (where all the numbers are added together, 2+0+1+1 = 4) or, in strict Pythagorean sence, it will relate to a "13" Universal Year (with 11 already a master number, the 2 is then added - 11+2=13). Most people however will opt for the first calculation.
In general, most numerologists agree that the current worldwide economic crisis will be getting worse before it gets better, and in 2011 many people will need to stay vigilant in their job-hunting (and job-retaining) efforts to stay afloat. UY13 proponents see 2011 as being a much more productive, altogether more lucrative environment for establishing new business ventures, and rewarding diligence and hard work.

UY4 readings are more concerned with building a strong foundation to weather any coming storms over the horizon, and exercising patience, restriction, and high tolerance in terms of possible conflicts. While UY4 is a more practical, cautiously optimistic reading, the UY13 is more demanding of change, progress, and a call for revolution.

Where these two divergent readings converge is in caution of the unknown when it comes to not only business, but also social and personal matters. Like every numerological divination, there are good and bad sides to every prediction, one that is readily apparent if 2011 is treated as a UY13. One of the most notoriously unlucky numbers in any custom, "13" can be read by many numerology experts as a sign that someone will succumb to the overpowering influence of "dark forces" in 2011, and the negative forces are indeed all-consuming in that particular year. With "4" and "13" being related (1+3 = 4), it’s easy to see how numerologists predict that any business with a "4" prominently in their numerological conversion will be greatly effected one way or the other by 2011. Depending on which side of the “extreme revolution”-coin a 4-centric business lands, they could see financial profits or ruin at the hands of the New Year.

There are several important numerological days coming up in 2011 to keep watch over.

‘Π (Pi) Day’ falls on 14 March 2011 as the day that is nearest to the mathematical approximation for one of the most important symbols in all of math (~3.14 = 14 March). On this day Albert Einstein was born, thusly signifying a great causal link between the importances of this day in terms of numerology, as well as to the field of mathematics in general. For nations who do no write the month followed by the day (as much of Europe is wont to practice) the ‘Pi Approximation Day’ falls on 22 July 2011 (referring to the fact that 22 divided by 7 is a rough approximation of Π). Friday the 13th, on 13 May 2011 is another important numerological signpost to observe.

As already mentioned, 13 is a powerful number that signifies extreme transformation, possible a great symbol of why the 13 symbol is associated with beasts like werewolves and vampires, who only reveal their true hideousness after dark when a transformation is possible (via the lack of sun or moonlight). This particular combination (Friday and 13) occurs at least once, and up to three times in any calendar year, whenever the first day of the new month begins on a Sunday.

The fear of 13 is called ‘triskaidekaphobia’, a Greek term that was most likely coined by ancient numerologists, and could be the root of the modern world’s views of the ‘unlucky’ number.

23 October 2011, or ‘Mole Day’, is a third date of numerological significance, as the representation of Avogadro’s number (6.02 x 10^23, used in atomic mass calculations). As an important advance in mathematics and science, the date is recognized as having the month and date (10-23) represent the latter half of Avogadro’s number, while the first is represented by the time of day (‘Mole Day’ lasts from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM). As of today, there has been no significant action for the mathematical industry as a whole on ‘Mole Day’, and remains simply an unofficial holiday of particular interest to numerologists.

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