18 November 2010

Full Moon in Taurus - 21 November

The Full Moon on 21 November at 29°18′ Taurus is conjunct the fixed star Alcyone. It is connected to the fates and judgment of the dead. There is potential for penetrating insight, but it can sometimes be blind to the obvious. Alcyone is in the Pleiades, as with all nebula it is thought to cause bad eyesight. This Moon then is definitely about vision and how one regards and judges a dilemma, one must guard against being rash and narrow minded.

The Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, are a cluster and are connected with tears so there is some sadness involved with them. The Neptune/Chiron conjunction is squaring this Full Moon, seems like they have been dancing around each other for ages. They keep within a three degree orb all through 2011 retro-ing back and forth even into 2012.

No one has taken much notice of the Neptune/Chiron conjunction since Jupiter left the scene and linked up with more exciting Uranus. So the Moon throws some focus onto these two’s last clinch before they start sloooowly moving apart. Chiron with Neptune is hard to put a finger on. Chiron was abandoned as a child but this spurred him to put all his energy into study so that he became the wise teacher of the gods, he also sacrificed himself for the greater good. 

So with Neptune who is also about surrender and self sacrifice, this combination should be about one’s personal spiritual evolution that has to undergo a certain amount of pain and sacrifice in order to serve the many. So this dilemma of Alcyone must be something to do with having to endure some suffering and sadness in order to be able to teach others, we must have the far sighted vision to see how our individual small actions fit into the grander scheme of things.

The little changes we make in our responses to everyday dilemmas can make all the difference in the world. Chiron is the bridge to the outers, to our higher self. Neptune is the collective, we are all connected. With this Moon we are looking at how the little things we do in our lives effect the whole. Forgiving that louse of a lover or putting yourself out to look after a friend in need. There are some difficult aspects with this Moon so we might well be finding we need to lean on our loved ones a little more than usual.

Pluto is conjunct the North Node and emphasizes the soul evolution aspect rather more, and the sense of mourning. The fact that this might be a time endings and transformation en masse will get us feeling we are all in this together. It will bring upon a kind of war spirit. Having to be on rations doesn’t feel so bad when we are all in the same boat.

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