01 October 2010

Insight magazine - October 2010 edition

Since 2002 I have been writing for "Insight", Australia's No.1 spiritual life style magazine and for the October 2010 edition I appear as guest editor.  This is the third time since I commenced writing the magazine that I have been asked to be the guest editor so it is rather an honour to be involved in the process of sourcing various articles.

I am delighted to say that a number of the articles I forwarded to the real editors were accepted - such as an article about medieval grimoires, fairies and treasure by occult researcher and author David Rankine, as well as George Knowles (from www.controverscial.com) on Rosaleen Norton, the "Witch of Kings Cross".  A number of local writers too have had their articles chosen, including Don McLeod (writing on the tarot), Aphrodite (mermaid magick) and Graham on ritual bathing (in the holistic section).

My main article is entitled "Candles of Compassion" was inspired by those I know who have travelled to Haiti in assist in the rebuilding there after the earthquake at the beginning of the year. I also have an article in my regular  section near the end of the magazine, this time on the Celtic battle Goddess and shapeshifter, the Morrighan.

Due to an accident suffered in June where I broke my wrist, I have decided to take a break from writing for Insight with the view of possibly returning sometime next year.

So keep an eye out for the latest edition of Insight magazine - the one with Fiona Horne on the cover.

Blessings - Frances

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