20 October 2010

Full Moon in Aries - 23 October

This coming Saturday night will mark the last public Full Moon Gathering for the year that is hosted by the Temple of the Dark Moon.  We have been holding this open esbats for over six years now, with the beautiful Botanic Park far being the popular location.  It is always rather sad when the October gathering comes around, marking the end of such events, however being a working coven, we also need to focus on esbats ourselves at the covenstead - besides, October usually heralds in not only daylight savings here in Adelaide, but also sprinklers in the park!

This upcoming Full Moon will occur on 23 October and occur in the zodical sign of Aries, the Ram.  The following has been taken from Dark Star Astrology and shares some more indepth information as to this upcoming Full Moon (as well as the complete article).

More information about the Temple of the Dark Moon's Full Moon Gatherings can be found on our web site under the Full Moon Gatherings link.

Full Moon October – Karmic Contracts
by Marina

The Full Moon on 23 October is at 29 degrees Aries conjunct the fixed star Alrisha, the knot in the cord which binds the two fishes in Pisces. These fishes are swimming in opposite directions. The knot represents karmic ties and contracts that keep us bound.

It is good to have commitment and insurance in rough seas, that comforting feeling that you are in it together for better or worse. But bad when these contacts are way out of date, need re-assessing or even need to be broken because they are stunting development. We want to be bonded not bound. Pluto likes to bind though.

On 19 October, preceding this Moon, we have the first proper conjunction of Ceres to Pluto. The first since Ceres was promoted and he demoted. So now they are equals! Pluto last tackled his mother-in law back in April when they came within a hairs breath on this post Ceres conjunct Pluto.  Whatever happens on the 19th will determine what kind of fall-out we are left with at this Full Moon. This Moon will be trining the Pluto/Ceres conjunction which is still close, still just brushing past each other. Mercury is sidling up to whisper in Pluto’s ear with that sextile of only 20’. Advising him how to deal with Ceres’ proposal.

In the myth Pluto came to a compromise with Ceres and let her have her daughter back for six month of the year. So this Moon is about striking deals and signing contacts. The Moon star is all about making commitments to signing on the dotted line. But be careful what you sign, because these are ties that will bind you for a long, long time. These are heavy commitments and water tight contracts that you will not be able to wriggle out of. Maybe flighty Mercury is advising a “Get out” clause.

As this is the final meeting of these too, it might be helpful to have a look at what you were doing this April when they met last. Maybe now is the resolution and the “signing-off” what happened then. It could be finally committing to something you started around that time, or tying up loose ends that were left dangling then so you can move on.

There is a square from Mars to Chiron which looks rather cutting, committing to one thing often means cutting ties to another. Yes there will be some pain involved. Mars is not softly, softly. Any natal planets connected to these two might give clues to what you need to leave behind and where it’s going to hurt. Neptune is near at hand though and should help to kiss it better.

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