08 October 2010

Bealtaine Magickal Retreat 2010

With registrations for this year's Bealtaine overnight magickal retreat has now closed, the organisation for this event are proceeding very nicely, and little wonder with this being the second such Bealtaine event that the Temple of the Dark Moon has held.  The Inner Court has already finalised the menu that will include all meals from lunch on the Saturday until possibly lunch on the Sunday - most of which being home cooked - and with the evening meal being nothing short of a magnificent feast!

The venue, a full contained farm house located within Mt Crawford Forest and offering stunning views of St Vincent Gulf, has been a favourite to use since 2008, and with the Sabbat of Bealtaine often coinciding with the commencement of the Fire Ban season here in South Australia, we have been lucky with our retreat dates specifically chosen to occur just before this ban.

This year's Bealtaine retreat offers the perfect opportunity for participants to unwind from everyday life and to be one with nature - whether it is taking a walk through the pine forests, exploring the flora and fauna in the native forest, or simply relaxing and taking in the atmosphere around the homestead.  Materials will be made available for those wishing to make Bealtaine related crafts, some of which will be used in the evening ritual which will focus around one of the key aspects of Bealtaine itself - the bale fire - as well as the Temple's own May Pole will also form part of the weekend's events.

After the evening feast there is always plenty of time to go for a night stroll up to the ridge to count the stars, to undertake readings from the various divination decks that are brought along, or simply to relax with Sabbat associated tales and the like.

Even a night away recharges the batteries in this modern world, and three times each year, these magickal retreats are always a welcome respite.  They also provide the perfect opportunity for participants to get to know each other better, including non-Temple members.

I simply love the atmosphere up in the Hills and despite being only 15 minutes away from one of the many popular towns, with the lights of Adelaide in the distance, the silence and peacefulness of the venue is so relaxing.

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