28 September 2010

The Australian Goddess Conference 2010 and the Dark Goddess

The first Australian Goddess Conference was initiated by Avril Webb in 2003 where it was held in Melbourne.  In 2006 the Goddess Association in Australia (aka GAIA) officially took over the custodianship of this event where the conference was held on the Gold Coast in 2006 with the theme being "Women Remembering". 

The aspect of the Goddess honoured at that conference was Mnemosyne, Mother of the Nine Muses and guardian of the timeline. In 2007, with the theme being "Sacred Sexuality and Personal Freedom", naturally the Greek Goddess Aphrodite was honour.  In 2008, it was Gaia's turn, where the conference had the theme of "Earth Alchemy".  It was at this conference 2008 that I attended for the first time and was amazed with the sense of community, sharing and sisterhood.

In 2009 saw the conference conveying the theme of Magdalena, and this year, 2010, the theme is "She who is Weaver".  It is at this conference that I stepped forward to present a topic that I have been passionate about for a number of years - that being the exploration and proper association of the Goddesses who fall into the category of "dark".

Over the years I have in fact made a number of presentations on the topic of the Dark Goddess, or in fact the concept of darker Deities as a whole, as was the topic of a presentation I first made at the 2003 New Zealand Pagan Fest.  Each presentation, including three separate workshops, have focused on various aspects of what the concept of "dark" has referred to over the generations, including the often modern one referring to something "evil".  However, when the topic is investigated without such prejudices a completely different perspective and meaning is revealed.

I have also been interested in the often forgotten concept of "dark" relating to chthonic, or primal - those how were not only shapers of the land but who were of the land itself. All these concepts and more I intend to weave into my presentation at this year's Goddess Conference.

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